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Collect the contact/conversation information through a form

Pre chat form is used to collect information about contact/conversation before initiating a conversation. The Pre chat form is available only in website live chat.

There are two types of fields that come under the pre-chat form.

  1. Standard fields: These are the primary contact fields. E.g., Email, Phone number and Full name.

  2. Custom fields: These are the fields that are created via custom attributes

All the fields would be displayed under the pre-chat form settings by default. The admin will be able to do the following.

  • Enable/disable fields
  • Change the order of fields
  • Update label/placeholder
  • Enable/Disable validation

The fields shown in the table are described below.

Field NameDescription
KeyField unique identifier
TypeType of the field (Text, List, Number, Date, Link, Boolean)
RequiredIs the field required or not
LabelThe label that will be displayed to the visitor on the widget
PlaceholderThe placeholder value

Once the pre-chat form is enabled, it would show a form like the one below when someone starts a conversation.