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Create an Account

Initiating account

This guide will help you to create Chatlake account through Shopify.

You can install Chatlake application by going to Shopify App Store: Shopify App Store

When you install the application, you need to select the plan that you want to be initiated for you:

Click Select and click Approve to approve the charge in Shopify.

Voila! You have opened and activated your account at Chatlake. You can open your Chatlake instance by clicking Open as Admin button in the Chatlake App:

When you Open Chatlake, it will load the full client in the new window:

How your account works

Chatlake allows you to invite more Agents to your application, so that support effort could be shared. When Shopify linked Chatlake instance is provisioned, it is created against new admin account, which uses non existing virtual email. You can update this email to your own email if you wish, but you will need to verify your email in the process. We suggest to keep your admin account to be under Chatlake virtual email and add your email named account as agent to the instance. That approach is particulary useful when you have multiple Shopify shops and want to use single account to access communication from all of those shops in one Chatlake interface.

Start with Chatlake

Follow the steps below to set up your account so that you can be productive using Chatlake.