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Add Inbox

An Inbox shows the connection of a website or a Facebook page to Chatlake. You can have unlimited inboxes in your Chatlake account.

Click on Settings on Chatlake Dashboard home page and then to Click on Inboxes. Click on Inboxes to reach the Inbox screen. Here you can add Inboxes and once added can be viewed here.

Chatlake Inbox Screen

Third way to create Inbox is to click on the '+' button near the Inboxes link on Chatlake Home Screen itself.

Chatlake Home Screen

Click on Add Inbox Button on Top Right Hand Corner of the page. A screen as given below opens, where Inbox can be added for various Channels. Eg: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, Email, API, Telegram, and Line. Inboxes would be connected to the front end Widgets placed in Website or other channels. Creation of adding Widget is given in Setting up Widget.

Chatlake Inbox Screen

Inbox for a Website

Here is an example of how to add an Inbox for a Website. Click on Website Button.

Chatlake Website Inbox
Field NameValueRemarks
Website NameEnter Name of your Websiteeg: Hopkins Inc.
Website DomainEnter the link to your Websiteeg:
Widget ColourSelect the colour by clicking the pallet
Welcome HeadingGive a Greeting with which you would like to address the customereg: Welcome !
Welcome TaglineGive a Tagline representing your companyeg: Welcome to Hopkins ! We are at your service 24x7
Enable Channel GreetingSelect Enabled or DisabledEnable to Send Greeting message when customer starts conversation
Channel Greeting MessageGive a greeting with which you would like to start the conversationeg: Hi. How can we help you?

Once all details are entered, click on Create Inbox Button.

The Next session will open up to Assign Agents to the Inbox. Only if an Agent is associated with the Inbox, the conversations will be directed to the agent. Even if you are an Administrator, you need to add your name as agent to the Inbox to see the Inbox on your screen. Select the Agents from the drop-down(if agents have not been added go to Add Agent) and click on Add agents.

Chatlake Inbox Select Agent Screen

The below screen will open. This screen has the code snippet which can be directly used to install the widget. You can click on Copy button to copy and then paste in the root code of your website.

Chatlake Inbox Select Agent Screen

If you click on 'More settings' Button, you will be taken to Additional Settings for Inbox. If you click on 'Take me there' button you will be taken to the newly created Inbox directly.

Now if you click on Inboxes link on the home screen, you can see that the new Inbox has been created for use.

Chatlake Inbox Screen

Additional Inbox Settings

Click on Settings. Below Session will open up.

Chatlake Inbox Details Screen

Do a scroll down to reach the below screen where you can set up the various notifications you would like to recieve when your inbox starts functioning.

Chatlake Inbox Details Scroll Down Screen

Here, Enable email collect box is Enabled by default. This means an automatic message to collect the e-mail id will be displayed once the customer starts a conversation. Customer/End user will recieve a prompt to enter e-mail id.

Also, there is an option to Enable CSAT. Once you enable this Customer Satisfaction survey will be launched on Resolving each ticket. The CSAT results can be viewed later in Reports section. Click on 'Update' button to save the changes you have made.


Click on Collaborators. You can add Agents to the Inbox or delete Agents who have been already added in the Inbox in this section.

Chatlake Inbox Collaborators screen

Click on Update to save the changes.


Now click on Campaigns tab on the Inbox Settings. In this section you can create 'Campaigns'. Campaigns are similar to advertisements or one liners which will be automatically displayed to the customer or end user. Once the customer visits your site and has not initiated the conversation through the widget for the specified time (say 10 seconds), an automatic message will be displayed to the customer, prompting to begin the conversation.

Chatlake Inbox Campaigns screen

Click on Create a Campaign on the right hand side. Details of the Campaign can be given in the screen which opens up as below.

Chatlake Campaign details screen
Field NameValueRemarks
TitleGive a name or Title for your campaignInitiate Campaign
MessageGive a message to initiate conversation with the customerWe are just a click away
Sent bySelect the value from the drop down. Bot or agent name can be selctedWhatever is selected here will be displayed on screen along with campaign message
URLGive the URL of the site for which the widget is configuredeg:
Time on page(Seconds)Give the number of seconds after which the campaign message should be displayed to customerby default it is 10
Enable campaignclick on check box if the message needs to be sent on screen after the set timeif this is disabled, message will not be sent

Click on update. The campaign that you have created will appear in the campaign seciton. You can edit or delete the Campaign as per your wish.

Chatlake campaign created screen

Pre Chat Form

In the Inbox Settings, click on the tab Pre Chat Form. This is an option to display message to the Customer when the customer clicks on the widget. We can use this to collect name and e-mail address before beginning the chat.

Chatlake Pre chat form screen
Field NameValueRemarks
Enable pre chat formSelect Yes or NoYes if you want to use the prechat form. No if you do not want to
Pre Chat MessageGive a message to start conversation with the customerHi ..We need some information to serve you better
Visitors should provide their name and email address before starting the chatTick on the check box if you need the name and email address mandatorilyThis will help us maintain our contact list better

Click on update. Pre Chat Form is enabled now.

Business Hours

Click on Business Hours Tab. In this section, you can set working hours of your firm, or working hours when your agents are available online.

Chatlake Inbox Business Hours screen

Click on the check box for 'Enable business availability for this inbox' if you have well defined busines hours. Once the check box is ticked, the below section opens up where you can give your message to the customer during OFF business hours. You can also select the available business hours for each day of the week, along with proper time zone.

Chatlake Inbox Business Hours Details

Click on Update Business Hour Setting Button.


Click on Configuration. The code snippet to be copied to the website will appear here.

Chatlake Inbox Code Snippet for Widget

You can click on 'Copy' button to copy the code and paste in the root code of your website.